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Mold Inspection Calgary

Mold inspection services are highly recommended for both residential and commercial properties in Calgary. From identifying visible signs and the extent of mold growth to assessing air quality and surface samples through specialized equipment, professionals are well-equipped to offer thorough mold inspections that safeguard your space. The inspection process entails identifying the source of moisture responsible for mold growth, evaluating the severity of the situation, and preparing a detailed report highlighting findings and recommendations for mold remediation. Neglecting mold growth in your property, especially in highly humid areas, can cause health issues and structural damage. Hence, regular mold inspection is necessary to protect occupants from any potential health hazards and preserve the structural integrity of the building. Consider hiring professionals for reliable mold inspection services and ensure a safe and healthy environment for all.


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Mold Removal Calgary

Envirotech Abatement & Remediation is a trusted environmental remediation company providing mold removal services in Calgary. We specialize in identifying and eliminating mold, ensuring that the environment remains safe and livable for occupants. Our team of experts follows the best industry practices and protocols to safely remove mold from residential or commercial buildings.

Envirotech Abatement & Remediation offers a comprehensive range of mold removal services, including air quality testing, containment, and remediation. Our team use advanced technologies and equipment to ensure that the mold is completely removed and the area is disinfected to prevent any future growth. Envirotech is committed to exceeding customer expectations by providing reliable, efficient, and cost-effective mold removal services in Calgary.

Mold Remediation Removal

Envirotech has earned a distinguished reputation as a leading mold remediation company that provides top of the line services in Calgary. Backed by 25 years of industry experience, our full-service restoration company boasts a team of certified experts who are dedicated to restoring your property to its pre-mold condition. Armed with state of the art technology and equipment, we are more than capable of tackling any mold problem you may encounter. Our comprehensive mold remediation process takes a holistic approach, ranging from identifying the root cause of the mold growth, containing the infected area, to utilizing advanced tools and techniques to completely remove the mold. Additionally, we will conduct a thorough inspection to track down any moisture sources that may have led to mold growth and repair them to avoid potential future occurrences. At Envirotech, we always go the extra mile to provide our cherished clients in Calgary with best-in-class customer service. Rely on us to handle all of your mold remediation needs with the utmost professionalism.